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One year ago Bartosz ‚Cetowy’ Turzyński had a terrible accident – he was shocked by 3000 volt electric wire.
His condition was critical, but he survived and did a great progress throughout the last year – he got through the coma and now he is striving to get back to his physical abilities and conciousness.

Yet still, we need to fundraise for expensive medical treatment and rehabilitation, which is absolutely neccessary to let Cetowy recuperate.


Bartosz Cetowy Turzyński – One of the most active Breakin and Hip Hop culture promoters in our country.

Dancer, who was a member of best crews in Poland such as Casel Saloop, Azizi Hustlazz. In 2007 he established group Polskee Flavour which is the most titled polish crew these days.

When he was 16, he organized his first dancing event, what later became his secondary passion. He had great influence on Breakin and Hip Hop culture development in our country by organizing many international events (Freestyle Session, Might 4, Circle Prinz, Pokaż Swój Styl). Special guests of these events were often some biggest names of this dance from USA, South Korea or Europe. (Ken Swift, Alien Ness. Poe One, Swift Rock, Born).

Cetowy is one of creators of the idea of Catch The Flava – dancing camps for children and teenagers, which hand down important values by Hip Hop culture to the young people. He was also initiator of international camp edition – Catch The Flava Outbreak in Slovakia, where people from all over the world take part.